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Tutti Frutti Tart Candle


Adoration is not a strong enough word to describe how we feel about our latest collection of candles from Italy. From the wax atelier of Cereria Introna come these life-like, yet fanciful paraffin creations. A little bit camp and a lot of fantasy - any one of these candles can serve as the ideal gift for a friend or the host who has everything. From fruits, to veggies, to fluffy loaves of bread to bottles of  bubbly - you really can't have too many. 

The art of this elaborate candle making, has been handed down through 6 generations of the Introna family, since 1840. The raw material used is paraffin , this material is absolutely of the highest quality , and it is the same used in the food industry. The wicks used are pure cotton , so all candles absorb smoke and do not drip. All products are MADE IN ITALY.

Fruit Tart -9.25" x 2"

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery if not stocked at time of order. Items not stocked will usually be listed as PRE-ORDER in the title.

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