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About Us

theARK elements was borne of a love for gatherings, Founded in honor of time spent with family and friends- over a meal, with laughter shared & stories told, traditions kept.
The creator and lead designer of theARK elements is Kate Holt. Kate lives in Los Angeles, California with her family and small pup - Whiskey. Rarely seen without a sun hat, and often seen snipping flowers from the roadside, she brings a 15 year history in floral design to her craft. This is where she fell in love with the art of the table. theARK elements is that vision of unique and rare table art, but scaled and tailored for life at home.
Inspired by the simplicities of her childhood, Kate has brought together the elements that transform a home into your personal refuge. A space where the foundation of health and happiness is laid. The collections herein are simple ways of integrating beauty into your daily routine.
A vase of blooms on the bedside table / stacked stones from the lake on a dresser / collected baskets on the library shelf / a festive glass for guests / the drawer of flatware for special occasions / a bundle of napkins that feel soft to the touch.  Simple pleasures that amplify the richness of everyday life.
Kate's primary aspiration is to support the specialty craftswomen and men who create these varied and  timeless silhouettes by hand. In this world, where so many products are mass produced in anonymity or by machines, Kate relishes the experience of knowing our makers. Tracing the origin of our pieces back to faces, places, and names.
Artists are the base of what is showcased here at theARK elements. An artist's vitality and vision informs how we craft our constellation of pieces. We collaborate with individual artists who run their operations out of backyard kilns, and build each plate by hand- to smaller, boutique-run tabletop companies that have handed down their craft’s secrets over generations. Glassblowing /  forging metals / porcelain hand painting / sewing and embroidery. This is just a sampling of what makes theARK elements your haven for beautiful objects.
Our collections touch many corners of the world thru the hands of our artists – Los Angeles, Connecticut, San Miguel De Allende, Florence – Italy, Paris- France, Bali, Germany, Japan and others. 
What doesn't exist, we endeavor to create ourselves.
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