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Design Consulting -Commissions

The ARK elements is a shoppe designed around the concept of creating a space where artisans can share the beauty of their crafts across a broader spectrum than the sphere of their singular studios allow. It is based on a collaboration of ideas and our development of exclusive projects relies heavily on the the magic and fluidity of said collaboration; of shared ideas, of listening to daydreams, of following a thread of a vision all the way to it's fruition. 

As we continue to work with various artists around the world, we remain open always to conversations about new forms and shapes, creative ideas, and how we can bring to life a particular client's vision.

The creator and designer behind ARKelements, Kate Holt, is available to discuss designing and managing custom projects. Whether it be, crafting a bespoke set of plates for your home, special tea service for a dear friend, event design for an intimate affair at home, or a full collection of wares for a new home; we are here to assist and look forward to the many imaginative adventures to come.

Please connect with us via the "contact us" page for more information about commissions and bespoke projects.



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