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Pompeii Amphora Vase - Lavanda


We could not resist the temptation to bring you our most beloved vase shape in a few new colors this season - including this Lavanda version. Dipped in a gentle shade of lavender and spattered with white it might be our new favorite but so hard to choose!

 A prized piece for your mantle or table. Fill with blooms or simply stare at its hypnotic surface for no reason at all. So fantastic -We may just have to keep them for ourselves.

These Spatterware vases are created by hand in Puglia, with techniques passed down through generations and across families of potters.

Vase - 5.5"opening, 11" handle width, 13" tall, 5.25" base

These pieces are hand made entirely from scratch  in Italy - Note that as such, these items may have glaze imperfections and slight irregularities that are part of the process. 


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