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Grande Chalice Vase - Lapis II


There is nothing ordinary in the expression of the colors and patterns adorning our newest collection of Vases from Artisan Nichola Fasano. The Grande Chalice Vase is designed in his signature maximalist, color-drenched glazing style.  Each one is a magnificent jewel. Highly collectable and such a sensational conversation piece for your home or as a gift.

These vases are created by hand in Puglia, with techniques passed down through generations of Fasano Artisans.

Vase - approx 15.75" tall x 

These Chalice vases are hand painted in Italy - these are one of a kind pieces and are all hand glazed. As such they may have slight imperfections and we think this adds to the overall beauty and magnetic aesthetic of each piece.

Dishwasher safe.

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