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Golden Currant Dinner Plate

$148.00 $78.00

We were delighted to create this exclusive take on the traditional Gooseberry or Grosielles motif with Bourg Joly artisans. I have always loved the way these berries turn colors, transforming from green to golden to red. A true marker of the seasons and the cycles of time in our lives. The translucence and delicacy of the golden timeframe is fleeting so we sought to capture this ephemeral moment in a series of plates. Perfect across all seasons and occasions. We hope you love them as much as we do.

The forms within the collections from Bourg-Joly are pure elegance. Classic shapes, imbued with a sense of history - still maintain a clean, modern edge with their crispness and strident shapes. Made by the oldest atelier in Malicorne, France; each pieces is crafted by hand and reveals this extraordinary art form passed down over the last 275 years.

Dinner Plate  - 10" diameter

Earthenware - Dishwasher safe. Do not microwave. We recommend hand washing to maintain the integrity of the paint.

These dinner plates are hand painted in France - please allow 10-14 weeks for delivery from date of purchase.

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