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Amber Daisy Dinner Plate


We adore this interpretation of an historic Minton pattern, rendered skillfully by the Mother & Daughter team at Laboratorio Paravicini. 

Delicate amber daisies are individually hand painted on each piece - Petal by petal. The artistry and patience that goes into each dinner plate is hypnotic and only gets more beautiful with each viewing.

This enchanting pattern is available in Chargers, Dinner plates, Salad plates, Pasta bowls, and Bread plates.

Due to the intricate nature of these dinner plates, please allow 12-14 weeks from time of order, to delivery. We hold a small sampling of pieces in stock, but most quantities would need to be custom ordered for you. Monogramming is possible in such cases. Please contact us for a quote on monograms.

Ceramic Dinner Plates - Dishwasher safe

Diameter - 10.5 inches.

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