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Tamegroute Ochre Compote - 6"


We absolutely love these Tamegroute bowls for their primitive feel and dazzling color. The ancient city of Tamegroute - translated to "the last place before the desert" - in Morocco is home to the ceramic workshops of many families who have been making the renowned green glazed pottery for centuries. Dating back to the 1600's artisans have gathered clay from nearby palm groves, digging many meters beneath the surface to collect their materials. Pieces are hand built or made on a potter's wheel then fired in multiple wood stoves. The mesmerizing glaze is inimitable and not found anywhere else in the world.

We worked closely with a singular artisan in Tamegroute to procure these pieces. Many weeks of organization and travel later, we have a small selection of these beautiful wares to share with you! Perfect for a lovely floral centerpiece, to hold your forced winter bulbs, or a sweet snack bowl.

Small Bowl - these vary from 5.5"-6" wide x3.5"-3.75" tall

Note ceramic bowls are more fragile than porcelain pieces and earthenware like this can chip if not properly cared for. All pieces are rustic and made using age old techniques; this can cause irregularities in the glaze, areas that are unglazed, uneven surfaces, and imperfections in each piece. We believe these imperfections inherently add beauty and authenticity to each piece. Items are sold as-is.

These Tamegroute bowls are hand crafted in Morocco - Please allow 8 weeks for delivery if not stocked at time of order.

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