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Colette Edition Oval Platter - White


Our Colette Edition comes from the venerated Paris Studio of Carron. Founded by artist Mathilde & her son Charles, Carron's pieces come to life under Mathilde's skilled vision. She is part of the esteemed family of Ceramicists that created Astier de Villette, forming her own atelier in the 90's.

Her work's signature style denotes a rough, yet tender way to treat the clay. The barely covering enamel, and an extreme delicacy of the drawing, the detail of a handle, a ribbon…this is what makes each piece so unique, so lyrical. 

We are fortunate to be hosting this unique edition of platters and plates, and hope you will love them with as much Joy de Vivre as we do. The ribbons of Colette are at once timely and enduring. A duality we hold in high regard. 

100% Ceramic fro France. We recommend Hand Washing due to the delicate nature of these pieces.

Dimensions - 16" x 11.8"

Limited Quantities Available

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