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Moreau Double Colombin Bowl


The forms within the collections from Bourg-Joly are pure elegance. Classic shapes, imbued with a sense of history - still maintain a clean, modern edge with their crispness and striking silhouettes. Made by the oldest atelier in Malicorne, France; each earthenware bowl is crafted by hand and so reveals this extraordinary art form passed down over the last 275 years.

This is an idyllic catch all for fruits and veggies from the garden, bread basket, or sublime as a sweet accent on your mantle or bookshelf. 

Dimensions - 10.6" x 4"

  • Material: Earthenware Clay and food safe white or colored glaze
  • Dishwasher - No.
  • Handwash only with soap and water then dry with soft cloth.
  • Microwave: No

These white bowls are handmade in a studio in France - please allow 12-16 weeks for delivery if not stocked at the time of your order.


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