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Odessa Napkins - Apricot S/4


This new capsule from our founder Kate Sapienza x D’ascoli showcases patterns and floral that breathe life into every setting whether you’re entertaining at home or having and quiet breakfast with your dearest humans. Inspired by historical embroideries, painted antiquities, and period pieces from the Levant, to 1700’s France, with hints of the Ottoman Era & wanderings along the Silk road; this gathering of tablecloths and napkins is meant to transport you and meet you where you are. With motifs that are at once familiar and comforting, lively and joy-inducing; we invite you to experience our first ever signature run of custom linens.

Sold as a set of 4.

Dimensions 20”x 20”

Delicately woven on hand-spun 100% Indian cotton, and printed using ages old block printing techniques. 

Designed in Los Angeles, CA. Produced in India.
Available for pre-order, custom sizing available upon request.

These napkins are hand made in India- If listed as PRE-ORDER please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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