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Kammien Quilt - Twin


When we dream of a cozy refuge, and cocoon within our home; these beautiful quilts from Les Indiennes are never far from our mind. Handprinted on the softest hand-spun cotton - we love to layer them on beds, drape them over sofas to create an inviting and intimate space, and just generally admire their beauty. 

These lightweight twin quilts are lovely as a throw, or even as a tablecloth. 

Les Indiennes textiles are made from pure cotton and natural dyes. Small smudges and other imperfections are normal. Fabrics are made entirely by hand. Please follow the care instructions.

Twin Quilt: 70 in. x 90 in

These Quilts are hand printed in India, and the process is very labor intensive - please allow 16-18 weeks for delivery if not stocked at time of placing your order.

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