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Peacock Dinner Plate - Cornflower


Lovingly brought over to us from the Romanian countryside, specifically Horezu; named an UNESCO world heritage site for this ages old ceramic craft. The art of making these fantastic pieces is still handed down through the family, using the same techniques their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. 

The various motifs used represent ancestral symbols regarding customs, habits and superstitions. One of the recurring symbols in Horezu Ceramics is the spiral of life.

Other pieces call out the Rooster, the Fish, the Tree of Life etc. Each of these symbols have their story and recall ancient spirits devoted to the welfare and safety of home. 

Beautiful for everyday use or to add to your collection of wall plates. These dinner plates are made using all natural dyes and glazes.

Dinner Plate - 10"

Dishwasher safe - Not microwave safe. Note ceramic pieces are more fragile than porcelain pieces and earthenware like this can chip if not properly cared for.

These dinner plates are hand painted in Romania - Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery if not stocked at time of order.

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