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Small Heart Tulipiere - Terra

$68.00 $34.00

The story of the tulipiere starts with Tulipmania (1634-1637) ~ an era when tulips were the highly sought after. These elusive blooms were collected by the who's who of society and displayed on grand tiered Tulipieres, where the stems of the tulips could grow under the gaze of all household guests. Dutch masters originated these unexpected shapes which are now voraciously collected and desired.

These fresh adaptations of the Tulipieres of old are a delicate balance of ceramic form mixed with the frivolity and wild grace of the tulip. Unfussy and approachable.  A wonderful way to experience the love of flowers without the pressure of "arranging"...these tulipieres do the work for you.


These tulipiere vases are made in the Netherlands. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery if not in stock at time of order.


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