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Santa Fe Alpaca Scarf - Poppy


  Lovingly hand knit by our very own Grandma C. ` these scarves will bring a bit of color and joy into your wardrobe while keeping you cozy.  Made with the most delicate Isager Baby Alpaca lace weight yarn, my mother learned this pattern while living in Santa Fe, a land of magic indeed! These are Lanolin free and will not itch as wool does.

Dare I say these scarves are the wardrobe essential for winter to spring... They perfectly dress up a sweater or blouse, and can be styled a myriad of ways. It's like a gentle hug of color just for you!

Made of 100% genuine Baby Alpaca - Lanolin free. 

Care - Always wash by hand in Woolite and dry flat. Store in Plastic garnet Bags to avoid snags and Moths.


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