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Pupe Candleholder - III

$122.00 $98.00

 If you need to bring a little flair to your table - what better way than with these mythical candleholders from Grottaglie. 

The story behind these lovely "Pupes", goes ~In the 18th century Martina Franca, a winemaker,  wanted to marry a young girl from Grottaglie. In feudal times, the region's lord used to spend the first night of marriage with the bride. This custom took the name of jus prima noctis.  In order to thwart this horrid custom, the winemaker groom went to the lord's cabin dressed as the young bride, with the intent of killing him. In his haste to save his bride, Martina forgot to shave his mustache and was discovered. Since this time - some winemaker of Grottaglie have made their flasks and amphora in these costumed shapes. 

Each one is unique! The candlestick holders in the shape of Pupa are a delight and add interest to any table setting or mantle.

dimension - 9.5"h x 4.5"w - 3"

These pieces are made by our expert artisans in Italy  - Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery after placing your order if not currently stocked.


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