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Atlantic Chintz Tablecloth


An ARK exclusive collaboration with textile masters at D'Ascoli. The Atlantic Chintz Tablecloth transports you to a Nantucket beachside. Fully embracing all that is celebratory and summery - this tablecloth is a piece that will make your heart sing. Set an irreverently multicolored table, or keep it simple with white plates and green floral. Perfect for any season when you just need that hit of radiant beauty. An utterly charming element you will cherish. 

Made with lightweight hand spun cotton from India. 

Available in 3 sizes

Rectangle - 126" x 76" - Appropriate 8 person tables

Square - 90" x 90"

Square - 76" X 76" - Appropriate for 48-60"  rounds or square table

These blue tablecloths are hand made in India- please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from date of purchase. These are being made and will be re-stocked in February.

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