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Moustier Veronique platter


An absolute dream addition to your cupboard; a perfectly genuine Faience pattern platter. Moustier was the epicenter of Faience in France from the late 17th to early 19th centuries, due to its abundance of water, clay and wood. Often sought after for it's charming character reliefs and childlike motifs, Faience quickly gained popularity with royals and grew in refinement of it's methods.  From one generation to the next, the secrets of this trade are passed down...Here we see the delicate technique of “petit feu”, a way of obtaining brilliant colors through low-temperature cooking, put into play.  Truly a work of art!

Hand painted by the Artisans at Soleil Deux this platter will dress up an side of glorious green beans or warm buttered buns. 

Platter - 13.7" long x 9.4 wide

Dishwasher safe

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