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Lunares Water Glass - Tobacco


Lunares - a decidedly timeless design from Spain. Dollops of colored glass decorate the surface of this glass giving it a decidedly staccato tactile feel. Each glass round out the hand and gives a nice weight to each spirit mixed inside. Such a chic way to dress up your bar.

We hunted many months for the right glassmaker to welcome into our modest collection of wares; and found the most remarkable Lampworkers in the heart of Mallorca. An esteemed studio established as far back as the early 1700's, and bringing roots from Murano; you can see how the Venetian ways informed this lineage of exciting work by Gordiola. 

It is just the right amount of technical skill mixed with an appealing informality and rustic attack that we love. All of the pieces from this collection are grounded and thoughtful. We know you will love incorporating them into your daily regimen.

Highball - 4"h x 3.5"w

These pieces are made in Mallorca and take approximately 8-12 weeks for delivery if not stocked at time of order.

Dishwasher safe. 

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