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Ophelia Vine Vase - Small


We have been entranced by glass before but this vase takes masterful glass blowing to another level. A lovely bubble of crystal clear glass is encircled by a perfectly formed tangle of glass vines and leaves. The vine delicately hugs the vase and will naturally lend its beauty to any arrangement of blooms you feel drawn to insert here. I see a bright burst of lady's mantle or maybe a tender grouping of lily of the valley.  No matter your choice the result will be splendid!

Hand Blown by master artisans in Italy

Venetian Glass.

Material – transparent and colored glass.
Size 4.3" x 5.1" 

This glassware is handmade in Italy - please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery if item is not stocked at the time of your order. 

Hand wash only. 

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