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Historical Silver-Plate Flatware RESERVE - 4 piece set


RESERVE collections -

Our Historical Silver-plate flatware RESERVE sets are mix and match collection of the absolute best vintage patterns available. Floral motifs, scrolls, flourishes, even some delightful monograms...the variety and juxtaposition of looks are all you need to give that polished look tot he table that doesn't feel weighted down by forethought.  We do the seeking of these treasures for you so you can enjoy.

RESERVE indicates these are exquisite historical pieces and patterns, of a higher quality and collectibility than our Tier I sets.  Reserves' higher price tag is reflected in these pieces' impeccable looks and more sought-after patterns.

Note that each set will be different and made up of various patterns and looks from Gorham to Tiffin, to Birks Regency - these pieces are all certified SIlVER-Plated, not stainless steel like many reproductions.  They are historical pieces and will have wear and usage appropriate to their age.

 Each set is comprised of a dinner knife, salad fork, dinner fork and teaspoon. B&B spreaders and soup spoons to be available for purchase separately.

Hand washing is recommended and polishing with a silver- safe polish like Barkeeper's Friend or Goddard's silver polish foam is recommended on occasion to maintain the intrinsic beauty and sheen of the silver.


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