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Historical Shaker Basket II


American oak splint pot-bellied picking basket. By by 'Miss Jimmie' Kent of Sneads Fery, NC, It has a Shaker "cat-head" style base and a solid carved oak bale handle  

The art of basket making in the Shaker community was borne of utility and function. Most Shaker baskets were crafted by the women of the families.  In line with the Shaker minimalist aesthetic, the baskets were woven with steadfast determination to serve a purpose; and they do it so gracefully. It gets harder and harder to find examples of the Shaker approach to this craft, as their number dwindle. Add this beautiful piece to your collection or start a collection now. 

Use it to gather berries from the garden or as a lovely display on your bookshelf.

14 x 9.5 x 11 in

This piece is vintage and is sold as is. All historical pieces are final sale.


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