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Historical Meissen Rose Dessert Plates - S/2


Stunning set of 2 - Meissen Golden Rose Dessert plates available - Origin a European Estate. 20th century provenance, relief edge porcelain, with hand painted yellow rose decor.

An historical pattern from the storied Porcelain atelier, Meissen, who since its founding in 1710, has stood for the highest-quality porcelain and remarkable painting techniques. Represented around the world with the insignia of two Crossed Swords in cobalt blue, the quality of Meissen porcelain has its beginnings in the manufactory’s own mine near the city of Meissen, where the purest kaolin is sourced day after day. This white clay is the key to the striking radiance of Meissen porcelain.

The in-house training to become a painter or shaper lasts over three years, while achieving the level of Master takes many years more. A piece created for the “Limited Masterworks” collection requires months of elaborate handicraft, learned over decades of exacting training.

Very good condition - these porcelain dessert plates are vintage and have been used. Minor wear, rubbing to gilt rims and some minor losses to the decoration. Absolutely remarkable quantity of matching pieces. Marked with the Meissen crossed sword mark on the bottom.

Diameter: 7.25" - Set of 2 plates 

Sold as a set of 2 - 6 Sets available 

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