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Historical Herend Indian Basket Platter

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Sold INDIVIDUALLY - Stunning Herend Indian Basket Platter - origin a European Estate. Circa 1967 form Osier.

Herend - known the world round as the largest manufacturer of porcelain, is synonymous with remarkable hand-painted patterns and luxurious colors. Introduced in the 1850s, this pattern's original name was "East Indies Flowers". You can see how the artwork in Hungary was heavily influenced by trade with the East and reflects a deep Japanese Influence in this pattern. 

The Indian basket decor can be traced back to Japanese Kakiemon porcelains. Its name derives from the Dutch East Indian Company, whose ships brought vast quantities of Far Eastern china to Europe during the 17th century. European porcelain painters took note of the Fleurs des Indes – Indian basket (others also call it French basket) in the early 18th century. It soon became one of the favorite motifs at their manufactories. A pattern loved the world over for its rich history and timeless style. 

Very good condition - these platters are vintage and have been used. Makers mark -  Herend on bottom of plate. Porcelain, with hand painted 24 carat gold edge.

Small - 12" x 9"

Medium - 13" x 10"

Large - 14" x 11"

Sold Individually. 

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