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Forget-Me-Not Flatware - 5 piece set


This chintzy floral Flatware is absolutely irresistible! We say why not throw a dash of flowers everywhere? Pair with our Lapis Bloom plates for a matchy look, or let them be bold paired with our simple and refined Lunar plates. The fun is in the options for mixing it up. Layered, pattern on pattern or as a pop of unexpected whimsy, these Forget-me-not sets are sure to be favorites.

  Made by Sabre in France - this look is available as a 5 pieces setting, or as a 20 pieces set.   Butter spreaders available separately.

Hand assembled -Stainless steel with resin handle.

Dinner Knife | Dinner Fork | Salad Fork |Soup spoon | Teaspoon

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery if item is not stocked at time of order.

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