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Cayuta Lake Trug - Large 19"


It's no wonder we have fallen in love with these sublimely crafted baskets from Swamp Road. Built with patience and immense care by expert maker - Jamin Uticone. Made with Ash harvested and preserved in swamp waters from the many delicate tendrils of water pouring from the finger lakes of New York. The process to make each bread basket takes months and months, and it shows. We have waited with much anticipation for this limited release of baskets and are so happy to be able to bring these to you. Once they sell out we will not have a restock until next spring.

They are the manifestation of beauty and function in one. A basket you will treasure for years to come. Imagine gathering your garden veggies and flowers in one of these Trugs. Available separately in 3 sizes that can be nested into one another for a 3 piece set. Each detail speaks to the artistry and beauty that went into weaving these together

19"L x 11"W x 5"H

Handmade in New York

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