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Bouganville Veronese Pillow Cover

$78.00 $34.00

At Hotel Il Pelicao in Tuscany, the Bougainvillea spills over walls, rambles in heaps above garden paths, and induces a visceral sensation of gratitude. I can find no better flower companion for Lisa Corti's iconic stripes. The fabric is saturated with color and infused with delight. We love these throw pillow covers to dress up a daybed, reading nook, or freshen up the living room. 

We are delighted to showcase a handful of Lisa's Newest designs in the shoppe and hope you will love them as much as we do.

The process of hand printing makes each piece unique. The discontinuity of the design must be regarded as inherent and inseparable from the printing process artisan. 100% cotton cloth.

Dimensions - 23.5" x 23.5"

Inserts NOT included.

Washing instructions: 30° in washing machine, do not soak.

Lisa Corti designs her creations in France, but each and every piece of her collections is produced in India by specialized artisans. They work manually and monitor every single stage of production, from the weaving and dying of the cotton through to the manual printing on the fabric using the ancient block print technique. These are seasonal drops and cannot be restocked once we are sold out.

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